for 'I Can't Alone'

...what you get here is a band hitting the peak of its powers, showing they are a force to be reckoned with and also that there is likely a lot more where this came from. Get on the bus or be left very much behind on this absolute must have.”

Floorshime Zipper Boots blog, October 2018

I Can't Alone is definitely not a record label product or some calculated brand. [...] The sincere and urban acoustic sound takes you to a place where childhood, love, a healthy longing for contact, friendship and acceptance go hand in hand. It's real and it's from the heart.”

Heini Heikkilä, Suomen musiikkiblogi (in Finnish), October 2018

They have created some of the best indie rock music from the international community, and are a shining beacon to the rest of their community that America is listening”

Bob Leggett, LA Music Critic, August 2018


Nominee "Best Alternative/AAA Song"
– 2017 International Acoustic Music Awards
(for Beggar Princess)

Nominee "Best International Artist/Group"
– 2017 Los Angeles Music Critic Awards

Nominee "Best Folk Band"
– 2018 Los Angeles Music Critic Awards